MACOM+ is an architecture office specialized in Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning. MACOM deals with a variety of landscape, green open spaces (public & private), residential areas, commercial zones, industrial zones, leisure & tourist resorts.

MACOM+ integrates its landscape design skills and experience within the urban planning.We believe that the combination of both creates the optimum space for man with nature. Our design takes into consideration the sustainable and ecological aspects and implement them in the projects with the most updated technologies.

MACOM+ is an office of 30 years experience.

The founder and owner, Benny Shadmy is a Landscape architect & urban planner. He graduated engineering studies at the Technion (1978), worked as a development contractor for about 10 years (1980-90), completed a master's degree in landscape architecture at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland (1989) and a PhD. at the University of  Geneva, Switzerland (2003). Between 2004 and 2014, Benny Shadmy and his office, S.I.C Arch, operated in Beijing, China. Benny was a senior advisor in Tsinghua University within the University's Planning Institute and within the framework of an independent planning office that designed various projects in China.

The team office combines maturity and experience with innovation. The firm's staff includes landscape architects, architects, engineers, designers and economists. The firm believes in integrated, functional and sustainable design, which creates suitable and quality living spaces for the user and integrates with the environmental tissue in which they are located.